Why Pre-Plan?

Peace of Mind

Make sure your loved ones have a peace of mind when the time for your end-of-life celebration comes.  Everything will be on file and once the time comes, your loved ones will be at ease knowing these are your wishes.

Financial Security

Paying for a funeral at the time of a loved one can be very stressful.  Prepaying for this expensive celebration will help your loved ones.

Option to Pay Over Time

You would be able to put funds aside and pay in periodic payments at your convenience.

Known Price

Planning out the cost of your funeral now will help your loved ones get a general idea of the cost of your ideal end-of-life celebration.

It’s Transferable

Worried what will happen to your plan after you move?  This pre-need to transferable to anywhere you go.

Exempt Asset

Funding a preneed will not put you at risk for public assistance programs that you may be participating in.  It is considered an exempt asset.

Together, Not Alone

Make the decisions on how you want to plan your end-of-life celebrations with your loved ones.  Do it now before they are left to make the decisions alone.

One Call

Once your preplan is set and in case of any event, there only needs to be one call to set your preneed in motion.

Preserve Your Independence

Preplanning conserves your independence.


Preplanning will allow you to choose how you want to be celebrated and where.

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