Jose Flores

Family Service Counselor/Manager

“This organization has been a blessing in my life.  No company that I’ve ever worked for shows or gives the support that is given by the staff at Worldwide Family Associates.  I have been working for Worldwide Family for almost 6 years now and they have never mislred nor have they ever been less than honest with what this career entails.  It is a LOT of work, it requires dedication.  I am forever grateful to Worldwide Family Associates and their staff for always being in my corner and for the support they’ve given”.

I’ve been working for this company for over 25 years.  I wasn’t too sure of what was the real business of Worldwide Family, but after I got my license from the State of California, I decided to give first chance to this company.  After all, they were the ones who  helped me obtain my license even though I thought it would be a waste of time.  Once I saw the potential involved in earning as much as I wanted to earn, I decided to keep trying for just one more month.  One month became another and here we are 25 years later.  This is not for everyone or just the “average” person, it takes a lot of dedication, effort and persistence on ones part to make it work.  This is not your average job but rather a career where you have the passion of helping other people and at the same time making a lot of money.  After 25 years, I am so glad I kept working for this angecy and being able to reach the goals I set for myself.

Alfonso Centurion

Family Service Counselor